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Student Life

There’s never a dull moment here at PSB Academy. Gain a depth of experience and a breadth of perspective through a wide array of student clubs and activities, as well as fun interactions with fellow students on campus. With so much going on, our students will be groomed to be more well-rounded as they progress into the real world.

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The brainchild of Student Affairs, Connect+ is a series of fun-filled programmes created to build positive mindsets among the student communities. It also brings everyone together through a time of social connection, cross-cultural appreciation and integration.

Some of the programmes are organised specifically for new diploma and degree students. They provide a platform for students to interact with each other and build lasting memories at PSB Academy through games, art and cultural exchange.

Connect+P (Connecting People) and Connect+C (Connecting Culture)
Connect+P and Connect+C are a fun way for new diploma students to make new friendships and rich perspectives on cultural diversity on campus.


Connect+G (Connecting Globally)
For students who are eager to be part of a globally connected world when they graduate, this 3-hour programme enables degree students to learn the concept of networking for career development.



Leadership Development

It is our vision to groom our students to be impactful individuals apart from achieving academic excellence. Students in leadership position will have the opportunity to develop great leadership skills through leadership training, apply the knowledge and skills in organising activities and managing the team.

Commissioning Ceremony

To welcome new student leaders from various clubs and associations, as well as present the “Letter of Appointment”.


Leadership Camp

This is a programme for student leaders to acquire leadership skills and build relationships through team-building activities. 


Collaborative Projects

'Euphonic - Charity Music and Dance Festival'

Organised by Chinese Student Association, Thai Student Association, Singapore Student Association, Community Service Club, Dance Club and Music Club

In support of Singapore's Children Society at Henderson Care Corner, the organizing committee came together to plan a series of musical and dance performances at Canvas Club. The performances introduced evolution of music and dance since 1970s. Two Singapore local bands, Kings and Astronauts, were invited for the showcase as well!




'Tertiary Games'

Organised by Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Soccer club, South Asian Student Association, Malaysian Student Association and Vietnamese Student Association 

Held in the month of May, teams from PSB Academy, James Cook University Singapore, Kaplan, La Salle, and Management Development Institute of Singapore had a competition among different sports teams.



'Xcape Room'

Organised by Indonesian Student Association, Korean Student Association, Myanmar Student Association, Writing Club

A physical adventure game in which students solve a series of clues, hints and strategies to complete objectives at hand. In a group of 5-6 people, the participants were given a set time limit to unveil the secret plot hidden within the rooms of a thrilling haunted house!


'Tedx - Surviving the Storm'

Organised by Entrepreneurship & Investment Club 

An aim to gain insights towards different perspectives, to leave a smear and start a trend to edify people of tomorrow for a restored future society in the local community of Singapore.


Awards & Appreciation Ceremony

Nothing goes unnoticed here at PSB Academy. The Awards & Appreciation Ceremony is our way of acknowledging and honouring our active student leaders and student groups who have contributed significantly to PSB Academy’s campus life.

Student Council & Clubs


Student Council

Run by students for the students, the Student Council consists of a group of multinational students who come together to serve the student population. Passion, dedication, and openness – these are what define the students behind it – bringing about various events and fun activities to liven up campus life. 

 Looking to be part of our vibrant student community and activities?



IPRS PSB Academy Student Chapter

IPRS PSB Academy Student Chapter was started in 2017. The team is on the lookout for passionate and dedicated individuals to get on this exciting journey in PR and communication.


IET PSB Academy on Campus

IET PSB Academy on Campus is a platform for students who study Engineering and Technology. Passionate students can expect to learn technical skills such as creating a robot, coding and going for industrial visits to learn hands-on experience. Students can take this opportunity to familiarize themselves according to real world examples in the workforce.


Community Service Club 

Be it a charity event like the Dollar Concert or collecting pre-loved items, the club provides a platform for students to play a significant role in giving back to the society. 


Dance Club

The name says it all – if you’re into dancing and have some unique moves to show off, or simply want to learn a few tricks, welcome to the club. Come join to destress from your hectic school schedules and have some fun. Why walk when you can dance!



Entrepreneurship & Investment Club

The Club provide a platform for students to acquire knowledge, skillset, and development an entrepreneurial mindset. Students would be given opportunities to put in motion what they have learned in class through various hands-on activities.



Music Club

If you have a deep passion for music, this is the creative outlet for you. Imagine a group of talented, musically-inclined individuals getting together for a jamming session or performing as a band for school events. You’ll also get the chance to learn about the technical aspects behind sounds or lend your technical expertise in the area of sound systems.


Photography Club

Nothing passes by in this club without our shutterbugs capturing every moment of it. If you’re thinking about dabbling in the art of photography or just wish to hone your skills with enthusiasts alike, bring your camera and get into the action. There are workshops and outings organised to help you refine your craft.


Writing Club

Bringing together aspiring journalists and talented wordsmiths who can inspire people with their word craft. The club encourages students with a flair for writing and creativity to chronicle events held at the school. Members will also get to share their first-hand accounts of their student life here and enjoy great opportunities to network with other clubs and organisations.

Basketball Club

Whether you’re game for a fun match or you want to practise for professional leagues, or planning a new workout routine to improve your stamina; dribble your way to the court. 


Badminton Club

Healthy lifestyle meets sporty action – welcome to the Badminton Club. For those who are keen to play for leisure or at competitive level will have the chance to do so here while forging strong bonds with other players. And of course, nothing should stop you from competing in tournaments and making our school proud.

Cricket Club

Cricket may be an unfamiliar sport for most people but students of all nationalities can easily learn to pitch in. Whether you’re an amateur or an experienced player, there is always something exciting and new to experience. The club is also a serious contender in friendly inter-school matches like the Gully Cricket League.


Soccer Club

If you’re a good sport and love to have a ball at the field, then bring your a-game to the club – where teamwork, unity and good sportsmanship are practised. Ardent soccer fans will have the chance to compete in friendly matches such as the Golazo Cup and PSB Academy's Annual Premier League. 









International Student Associations

The International Student Associations are formed by our students based on their respective country of origin, where students of different nationalities are able to reach out to and help one another. These associations were established to bridge cultural differences and bring our students even closer by allowing them to share their unique culture and identity with everyone. Members are also involved in orientations by inducting new students into Singapore, and getting the chance to befriend the senior students.

Chinese Student Association (CSA) 

The association paves the way for Chinese students to meet and connect through social activities. It also organises Lunar New Year celebration as a way to showcase its Chinese culture, as celebrated in many different countries.

Indonesian Student Association (MAPIA)

Expect nothing less than social and cultural activities from the Indonesian students to promote mutual understanding among all students. Their schedule is packed with orientation days and regular sports games, all year round. Their Saman dance group practises regularly and has been active in performing outside of campus, such as PAssionArts Festival at Tiong Bahru Park, and at the University of Newcastle Singapore graduation ceremony.


Korean Student Association (KSA) 

Annyeonghasseyo, make yourself feel comfortable and get to know the gracious members of the Korean Student Association. You’ll also find the opportunity to interact with other international students through Korean language lessons as a way to soak up the ever popular K-culture.


Myanmar Student Association (MSA)

Be immersed in colourful Burmese tradition and festivities – such as ‘Thingyan’ Burmese New Year Water Festival and Ka Htein donation to monasteries. There are also notable activities like receptions to welcome freshmen and BBQ parties for students to meet regularly.

Malaysian Student Association (SAMA)

Singapore's neighbour, the Malaysian students hope to provide a vibrant and robust student life for themselves as well as cultivate even closer ties with other student associations through social events like ‘Rasa Sayang’. You can look forward to connect and bond with the group on many other occasions and activities.


South Asian Student Association (SASA)

South Asian students can feel comfortable learning and interacting with one another while helping them feel closer to home at PSB Academy. Discover various fun activities – from welcoming the new students to celebrating Diwali.

Vietnamese Student Association (VSA)

There’s more to the Vietnamese culture than just hats and spring rolls. Get to know your friendly members and forge a bond with them through some major events such as Boat Battle and Halloween Night. There’s always an interesting way to mingle and network with them.


Thai Student Association (TSA) 

The newest kid on the block, and the latest addition to the list of student associations. The Thais are excited to share their humble roots to the rest of the PSB Academy community as well as hope to strengthen bonds amongst the Thai students.


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Student Card Benefits

All students of PSB Academy will be presented with a multi-purpose PSB Academy Student Card that is used for identification and convenience.

Apart from the use for library book loans, printing and copying services, booking of campus sports facilities, this card is also a NETS Flashpay card for use at retail stores, transportation and discounts. Students also enjoy special deals at Tiong Bahru Plaza and Marina Square, and retail outlets at other areas.