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Student Services Centre

Accessable Student Services Centre

The Student Services Centre is your one-stop access for all matters relating to your studies at PSB Academy.

Our doors are always open if you need personal consultation, or require administrative assistance. You can count on us for support because help is within reach. 

We offer the following assistance:

1. Submission & Collection of the following:

  • Forms
  • Orientation Pack (if you missed the orientation)
  • Student Cards (PSB Academy & University cards)
  • Letters
  • Late Assignment
  • Cheques
  • Certificates/Official Transcripts/Certifying Letters
  • Medical Certificates
  • Course Materials
  • Marked Assignments

2.  Signing of Self-study Attendance

3.  Verifying of Approved Calculators

4.  Make an appointment for Academic Consultation

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Contact Us

           Walk-in                                                              Call

Walk-in at PSBAcademy@Delta,                               Call: +65 6517 2555

Student Services Centre (SSC), A-107



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