07 Aug 2017

A Holistic Campus Experience Prepares Kaushik For The Real World

News, Alumni

Master of Business Administration
The University of Newcastle Australia
Graduated in 2007

Kaushik Bhanushali never imagined that his time spent at PSB Academy to complete his Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme from The University of Newcastle Australia (UON) would eventually shape his life in a special way. He acknowledged that the holistic education provided by PSB Academy played a big part.

During his one year at PSB Academy in 2007, Kaushik took the opportunity to learn, both inside and outside the classroom. He credited his MBA lecturers for imparting the practical and relevant knowledge which put him in good stead when he entered the corporate world. Apart from his studies, Kaushik led an active student life at PSB Academy by joining the Student Council and initiating the first Business Club on campus. According to him, forming the Business Club was ‘a big challenge, but an enriching experience.’ He vividly recalled the amazing learning opportunity from the Business Club visit to Charles & Keith where he learnt about the finer points of entrepreneurship. Campus life was a great learning journey for him:

“As a member of Student Council, I was exposed to various leadership roles and interacting with local students helped me to understand the Singapore culture better, and it was a great help when I started working. Student Affairs definitely has played a key role in my personal growth and development. It is such experience which shaped me during my MBA. Thanks to them, I could go out more confidently in the market.”

Immediately upon his graduation in October 2007, Kaushik began a 3-month internship at Rentokil Initial (S) Pte Ltd through Student Affairs, PSB Academy.  During his internship, the management were impressed with Kaushiks’ skills and knowledge; he proved his mettle by completing a major business analysis project in which he successfully recommended and convinced Rentokil Initial to acquire a mid-sized business, a target for takeover. Little did he know that he would be offered a full-time job with the organisation after his internship. Kaushik was never one to shy away from challenging projects handed to him and he continued to play a major role in the successful implementation of other projects for the organisation. The big compliment came when he was awarded the "Outstanding Achiever by Rentokil Initial (S) Pte Ltd" in 2010. It has been seven years since Kaushik started with Rentokil Initial. He has risen up to the level of Senior Management Accountant at the regional office, managing 12 countries.

Outside his work, Kaushik continues to meet up with former students and connect with PSB Academy.  Over the last few years, under his leadership as President of the UoN Alumni Singapore Chapter, he has done much to enhance the alumni image. His effort paid off when the Singapore chapter was nominated as one of the 3 finalists in the "Outstanding Alumni Chapter Awards 2014".  Despite his busy schedule, Kaushik also made time to attend and support alumni events organised by Alumni Services of PSB Academy.  He said:

“PSB Academy always gives you that family feeling. The friendship I have with the people working at PSB Academy is the primary reason for me to be back. Catching up with former fellow students is always the reason and it feels like home when I am in PSB Academy.”

His advice to current students at PSB Academy is:

“Take your studies as an opportunity to achieve overall development. Focus on your studies but you can also be a part of Student Council or clubs. Take leadership roles, make friends and increase your network, and to work on developing your soft skills. Attend various seminars and be in touch with the Industry. Remember to ‘work hard, party harder’. These golden years will not come back.”

Article by: Jeffrey Yap (Student Affairs & Industry Engagement)