07 Aug 2017

Carol Gains from Personal Development Workshops by Alumni Services

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Diploma in Human Resource Management
PSB Academy
Graduated in 2008

Carol is a social worker and married with three children. She had the desire to further her studies and that led her to enrol in the Diploma in Human Resource Management at PSB Academy in 2006.  It sure was not easy for her as she was pregnant while doing the programme. In spite of that, Carol managed to juggle evening classes, full-time work and family during her course of study. She added:

“I recalled attending lessons while I was heavily pregnant and even took my exams just weeks after the delivery of my third child.”

She particularly found the modules on ‘Organisation Behavior’ and ‘Human Resource Management Systems’ interesting and practical as she was able to apply them in her work. Even after completing her Diploma in 2008, Carol did not stop learning.

She really appreciates the various workshops organised by Alumni Services. In 2014, she attended two separate workshops held in the evening at the campus. One was the workshop on ‘The Essentials of Business Etiquette'. She said:

“Image matters, particularly in a professional setting. How we carry ourselves affects not only clients' impression of us, but of our organisation too and this can make or break a deal! Our trainer walked us through the Dos and Don'ts in terms of dress code, body language, greetings and dining etiquette. These tips will definitely come in handy for my next client meeting or professional networking session.”

The other workshop was ‘Powerful & Persuasive Presentation Skills’. Here is what she picked up from the workshop:

“During this workshop, the trainer shared the gems of his professional experience as a consultant on what works and what doesn't in the delivery of an effective presentation. I am heartened to learn that presentation skills can be acquired and honed with ample practice and reflection. Also, the trainer spurred us on to work on our presentation skills with a quote, ‘the most brilliant idea is worth little until expressed’.”

Following the workshops, Carol was able to impart some of the skills she had learnt to her colleagues around her.  She acknowledged the good work of Alumni Services:

“Kudos to the Alumni Services team for bringing the huge alumni family together through various platforms - workshops, networking sessions, movie gatherings, as well as through online avenues like Facebook and LinkedIn. Personally, I enjoyed the workshops and find them very beneficial in adding value to my career development as a well-rounded PSB Academy graduate.”


Article by Jeffrey Yap (Student Affairs & Industry Engagement)