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Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Business and Marketing

Coventry University

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The Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Business and Marketing is the same as that offered at the UK home campus. As well as covering business topics such as business management and marketing together with applied and creative advertising, the course provides a sound grounding in the following core themes:

  • Business: you will cover a wide range of topics from business management to entrepreneurship, HR service delivery and managing organisational change.
  • Marketing: you will study concepts such as marketing research and strategy, as well as specialist options like digital marketing, global marketing and services & retail marketing.
  • Communications: you will be able to choose options such as consumer behaviour and brand & corporate communications to analyse issues in this highly topical area and devise actions for business success.
  • Research: this forms an important part of your degree, giving you the skills in secondary and primary research to complete an independent study of a specialist business or marketing topic and present your findings in the form of a dissertation.



Programme Structure

Programme Duration

The programme can be completed within 20 months for both the full-time and part-time pathways.

Programme Structure

Students will undertake 13 modules, which will be delivered over four trimesters.
Each academic year is divided into three trimesters commencing March, July and November.

Assessment and Examination

Assessment for this programme may include assignments, tests, projects and final examinations.

Programme Outline

Code Title 
300MKT Advanced Marketing Study (Project)
305MKT Brand and Corporate Communications
201MKT Career Preparation
303MKT Corporate Marketing Strategy
304MKT  Contemporary Marketing Issues
202HRM Contemporary Issues in HR Service Delivery
205MKT Digital Marketing
A202SAM Effective Communication Skills II
307MKT Global Marketing
310HRM Innovation and Change
203MKT Marketing Management
244SAM Managing Business
200MKT Marketing Research II



 Modules   Pre-requisites  

To progress to stage 3, students must have successfully

completed the following modules

Code  Title 
 200MKT Marketing Research II
 201MKT Career Preparation
 203MKT Marketing Management



Full-time and Part-time: March, July, November every year

Programme Details

Contact Hours

Full-Time: 502 hours

Part-Time: 436 hours

Maximum Candidature Period

The maximum duration of registration on any of the University's Honours and integrated Masters undergraduate awards, including periods of suspension, interruption of studies and withdrawal are normally as follows:

Duration of Course

(either Full-Time or Part-Time) 

 Maximum period of registration
 1 year  2 years
 2 years  4 years
 3 years and above  6 years


Delivery Mode

Lectures, tutorials and project assignments will be conducted within PSB Academy campus.  

Minimum Number of Students Before a Class Commences

Minimum 25 students are required before commencement of classes. 

Admission Criteria

Local Student Admission

Admission Requirements

The admission requirements are:

  • Polytechnic diploma in Business, Management, Marketing, or Business and Management-related fields; OR
  • Business Diploma/Advanced Diploma awarded by PSB Academy; OR
  • Diploma/Advanced diploma from private institutions (subject to university’s approval); OR
  • Applicants holding other diploma-level qualifications will be assessed on a case-by-case basis

English Language Requirement

International Student Admission

Admission Requirements

For more information on international students' entry requirements, please click here.


Local Student

  Per Module Per Year
Year 2 S$1,642.45 S$9,854.70
Year 3 S$1,642.45 S$9,854.70
Total S$19,709.40  

Singaporean/PR graduates of PSB Academy are entitled fee rebates for subsequent programmes. For more information, please complete the Enquiry Form and we will be in touch with you soon.

* All fees inclusive of 7% GST and may be subject to change annually
* Programme fee excludes textbooks
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Financial Aid / Available Grants

Please click here to view financial aid and available grants.

International Student

Total Programme Fee (International Admissions): S$19,709.40*

* All fees inclusive of 7% GST and may be subject to change annually
* Programme fee excludes textbooks
* Click here to view other charges for students

Local Applicants

International Applicants