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About Our Study Tours

At PSB Academy, we believe that learning should be across borders and cultures. We have developed student exchange programmes with our sister universities and are proud to host our inbound exchange students on our sunny island.

During our study tours, you will be exposed to multi-cultural environments, beyond the classroom, through exciting student activities. More than 150 students participate in this programme each year, you can be one of them!

Why Singapore? Located in the heart of Asia, Singapore is listed as one of the safest cities in the world, and is also a place where all core businesses are gathered so you can have a glimpse of what work and life is like in this exciting business hub. 

Our buddy programme will ensure that you'll feel right at home with us, and that you have a reliable guide for your course and other events in campus.

Types of Programmes

There are two types of study tours. One format is public classes, which are open to everybody. The other format is conducted in closed group classes which are customised to a group of students' needs and wants. 

Tour Structure

Classroom lectures and Activities

Outdoor Activities

Beyond the classroom, we have visits to Universal Studios Singapore, Merlion Park and other local attractions.

Industry Visits

PSB Academy organises industrial visit according to the interest of students. It is a quick preview session for students to see the real business world.

Closing Ceremony

Study Tour - Testimonials

Daegu University, Kim Kyoung Hun


The field trips were memorable! Playing board games with my team members really helped us to bond.  I was impressed with the visits to successful companies in Singapore such as Bloomberg, NEWater and so on. They were well-organized. I'd love to work at these companies if I had the chance.

In every class, there were various team activities where students can learn about the culture and history of Singapore.  Special lectures (on how to write resume & cover letter, being successful in life, etc) provided great tips for my job-hunting in Korea.

Inha University, Jung HyunJin

Morning class was focused on General English. The lecturer was very willing to help out all students and it helped build our confidence in speaking English.  In the afternoon, there were a few workshops for employment training.  I was so impressed with the job-hunting techniques in Singapore, which are very different from Korea.  I was able to widen my view to see worldwide job market and learn where and how to start to jump into this market.  During these 3 weeks, I can say I have become more confident in using English as a means of communication. The content of the classes were similar with Business English in my home university, but with more on understanding multi-cultural Singapore.  I gained not only English skills but also many other unique experiences.

Dongyang mirae University, Byun JiHwan

PSB Academy is smaller than my college in Korea,  but the facilities are quite good and well organized.  Even though I stayed only a month in PSB, PSB allowed us to use all the campus facilities, which made the whole experience very convenient.  In terms of class content, Business English was not that easy for my classmates, but thanks to our lecturers, we were able to catch up the class with a lot of activities and role play. Also, the afternoon outdoor activities were very interesting, like visits to USS, Newater and Bloomberg.  I hope many other students can take the chance to attend this study tour - I strongly recommend it.  I would like to say thank you to PSB coordinators as well.  They really took care of us.  They were very kind and helpful to us who can’t speak English very well.