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A family's support overcomes all difficulties

Chrispin Lim


With grades not allowing a local university route, Chrispin Lim was faced with the options of taking a private education here in Singapore or to study overseas. Choosing to further her studies at PSB Academy, the part-time Degree allows her to undertake a full-time job, and to gain knowledge and work experience at the same time.


What made you choose the course and university you did? 

There are limited life sciences courses in Singapore, and after reviewing the course structure and modules offered by each institution, I made a decision to enrol in PSB Academy’s UWA education, as the quality of the course is well-recognized.


In what way has this course value added to your career and personal development? What kind of opportunities would you say this course has presented to you?

As a clinical trial start-up specialist, I actually have very little time to read and understand protocols and study drugs. What I learn in school allows me to understand and appreciate the importance of clinical trials and how study drugs may benefit patients. I often find myself applying at work what I learnt in school the previous day! This has encouraged me to really enjoy what I learn in school, which has become more than just memorizing for and regurgitating during exams. The knowledge I gain has slowly revealed the bigger picture about life and intrigues me to want to find out more.

Through this course, I also have access to people from different science fields and get a glimpse of the range of jobs out there.


Who motivated you through the challenges of completing the course?

Silently, my family has been playing a huge role in motivating me. I come from a very bonded and loving family, and they have been very supportive of me. It is not easy balancing a full-time job and studying at the same time. Thankfully, my father will always come and fetch me home from school, every single day, with some snacks my mother prepared so that I can munch on something before reaching home to a nice meal of my favourite dishes.

My younger sister completed her degree with a local private institution and shares her experience with me on how she coped with university life. She is a great listener and the one I go to whenever I need an audience.


What do you do in your leisure time? How do you strike a balance in your life?

I love reading books, watching dramas and movies, singing and just spending time with friends and family. I basically like to do anything that allows me to relax during my free time, even if limited this period of time.  

I feel that striking a balance is at best an elusive ideal and at worst, a complete myth. Having said that, one thing I firmly believe in is “study hard, play hard”. For me, if I spend a Saturday out with friends, I would spend the next day at home mugging.