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Tay Li Shi Alyson

“A university education should be more than just paper qualification. For me, it is also a process of interacting and forging bonds with people from all walks of life.” - Tay Li Shi Alyson, Bachelor of Communications (Major in Public Relations and Journalism) (Full-time) by University of Newcastle, Australia 

Studied: Bachelor of Communications (Major in Public Relations and Journalism) (Full-time) by University of Newcastle, Australia 


Alyson’s passion for writing and love for English motivated her to pursue a Bachelor of Communications at PSB Academy, awarded by the University of Newcastle, which was the only course that offered a major in Public Relations and Journalism. The Degree is doing more than equipping her with a plethora of knowledge and skillsets for the workforce. 


Tell us, what made you decide to pursue this course?
Being able to study what you are truly interested in is a highlight in itself. I am thankful that I have been able to exercise the freedom to embark on this course which is true to my love for writing and the English language. 


But this course has a major in PR and Journalism.
I felt that the best of both worlds would be to consider the future prospects of where my passion for the English language and writing could bring me. I decided that I would love to, in future, to pursue a career in Public Relations or Journalism, which would very much allow me to hone my writing skills, likely in a corporate setting.


That’s planning extra mileage for your Degree course indeed.
Yes, I feel that furthering my studies should not be just a paper chase. But it should be viable for me on various levels, such as satisfying my personal interests, as well as support my livelihood in future. If I can be passionate about the work I do, it will be really a blessing.


How else do you feel this course at PSB Academy has been benefitting you? 
To be honest, I was surprised that at PSB Academy, I have been able to enjoy the recreational facilities, enriching camps and internships, which more than put together a balanced campus life for me. At the same time, I have been absorbing both knowledge relevant to the course as well as cultivating soft skills such as critical thinking and the ability to interact with a diversity of different cultures, which I believe are important in easing me into my career in future. This is aligned, again, with my belief that education is beyond just an academic pursuit – it should also shape other facades of my character.