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Juggling work & studies

Annura Shazieamah


“Juggling work & studies at the same time was tough but with support from my family and colleagues, I made it!”  - Ms Annura Shazieamah, Graduated in 2014, Diploma in Business Administration (Part-time) by PSB Academy


Studied: Diploma in Business Administration (Part-time) by PSB Academy

Encouraged by recommendations from friends and testimonials of former students, Annura Shazieamah enrolled in the Diploma in Business Administration with PSB Academy in 2013, with an aim of enhancing her value at work. What greeted her were intensive work hours and challenges in managing her curriculum. Almost giving up, she has her family, colleagues and friends to thank for supporting her through her course completion.  


We know that doing a part-time course alongside a demanding full-time job can be daunting.
It was definitely what I was initially unprepared for. I had been working as an Administrative Assistant for a while and wanted to upgrade myself to be more adequate for challenges at work. After finding out the options available to me, I enrolled for a part-time Diploma in Business Administration at PSB Academy. I was excited about furthering my studies especially after what my friends shared about their experience with this institution and also what I read online from past students.  

As the course progressed, coupled with the demands of my hour-intensive work, I started feeling the heat. Many a times, I thought to myself that I would never be able to complete the Diploma. 


So what spurred you on through the hurdles?
At home, my family observed that I seemed to be fretful. My colleagues and friends noticed that I was unable to spend as much social time with them as I used to. That was when I started sharing with them the challenges and stress I faced juggling both my work and studies. 

I am thankful that eventually, I managed to work around flexible academic schedules, and had the understanding of my Professors and peers. More importantly, I learnt better time-management, to multi-task and these reflected positively not only in my life but also at my work.


We heard that you made two persons really proud of you when you completed your Diploma.
That would be my mother and my former secondary school teacher! My mom had always dreamt of seeing her kids succeed in getting higher education and be able to enjoy our respective pursuit in our careers. She constantly gave me a lot of encouraging and inspiring words, which mattered a lot to me. She would tell me to strive for my goals and never to look back or give up halfway. She also made time to be quietly beside me when I revised for my exams. When I graduated, she was smiling and crying tears of joy at the same time. It made me felt that my hard work was worth it.

As for my former teacher, she has been a figure of support of motivation since I was in secondary school. When I failed my ‘O’ Levels back then, she still nudged me on and told me to keep on studying till I achieve my goals.   


Now that you have completed your course against all odds, how do you feel the Diploma has benefitted you and would you encourage others to take on this challenging path?  
I definitely feel more confident now that I have a Diploma on hand. Certain skills learnt in school have come in handy on the work front, enabling me to be more productive and a value-add to my company. 

I want to tell other students who feel stretched by their current work and study load to not give up, and to keep going until they achieve their dream. It’s all about determination. I am now thinking of taking up a Degree programme with PSB Academy!