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Right On Track

Natesh Raj

Hard work. Check. Determination. Check. Passion. Check. All the good traits of scoring well in exams. But for Natesh Raj, it was all about time management in school to get him right on track. He realised you can have brains but if you lack time management skills, you won’t be able to complete your tasks and projects in time or ace your exams.


1) Share with us what kind of person are you? (i.e. talk about your personality, your likes and dislikes, what your friends think of you, bubbly, chatty, friendly, etc)

I’m naturally an inquisitive person and always look forward to try new things which stretches my comfort zone. Friends tell me that I’m funny and they are not good at lying, so I would count that as the truth. I like to be around people and do not hate being in the lonesome for some time – but I think it is important to have both. If you love talking about technology, politics or football, I’d be the first one you should pick.


2) What was it like growing up with your family. (i.e. are they supportive, open minded, caring, traditional, etc)

I come from a traditional Singaporean Indian family in which we are taught to seek permission to do things, observe curfews, accept confiscations and being grounded. Despite these strict rules, my parents were very supportive in whatever I did as long as it was correct and ethical. Parents impose restrictions on their kids’ social life only because they don’t want them to take the wrong path. When your parents realise you’re responsible and mature, they give you the freedom to make your own decisions and face its consequences. I got that freedom when I was 17 – and I felt that it was the right time.


3) How do you stay inspired every day as a student (what do you do to make you study hard, stay motivated, etc?)

It is all about setting goals. Long-termed and short-termed goals have been motivating me every moment. When goals are set, every new day will be a day closer to reach that goal. Every action that is taken will have consequences toward the goals which helps us to make decision when you’re in a dilemma.


4) What made you choose the course at PSB Academy? Why did the course interest you?

I started off my education at PSB Academy with a general business diploma which touched all the key aspects in business. I wanted to learn the basics of everything before deciding on which discipline to major in and the course provided at PSB Academy was a perfect fit. 


5) What made you choose the route of furthering your studies with a private education institution (versus a local polytechnic or university)? 

When I decided to embark on the private education pathway, I had clear objectives in mind. I wanted to enroll into an institution that had a good local standing and one that was affiliated with reputable universities. Upon reviewing my options, the choice was clear and it was PSB Academy.


6) In what ways has this course added value to your personal development and career opportunities? How has it built your character?

One of the biggest plus points of doing a part-time course in PSB Academy was the chance to network with people who attended the classes with you. Most students have full-time jobs and some have been in the workforce for many years; the knowledge they share with you is invaluable. I still keep in touch with some of my classmates and occasionally catch up over drinks.


7) How do you manage your time? Any tips or words of wisdom for new students? 

The key to success is to get things done on time and for that to happen we need to plan it correctly. Students know the importance of time management, but easily brush it off. We “mentally” plan to do a task, at a certain time, but because something else comes in-between, we “mentally” reschedule it to another time and eventually forget to do it, or have very little time to do it. These can be solved simply by having a proper calendar. Gone are the days where we have to sketch out a time table with a paper and pen. An underrated feature in any smartphone is the calendar. It helps you remind of things to do and appointments to attend.  Start using it if you haven’t done so! With reminders and alerts set, you know what to do, when to do it and what’s before and next after each slot. 


8) Was there anyone who motivated you through the challenges of completing the course? 

When I mugged for exams, my mum will always be there to make me food and make sure I wake up in time for my exams. She was my pillar of support throughout my life, and particular during my course. She always has been there for me when I needed words of wisdom or whenever I was confused over making important decisions.


9) How would you describe your experience at PSB Academy? 

My experience at PSB Academy has been a fulfilling one. Things got tough when I was doing three modules in one trimester and I had a new role in my company. With supportive friends and a fantastic boss, I was able to balance work and studies.


10) What three words best describe PSB Academy? (i.e. rewarding, enriching)

Reputable. Knowledgeable. Flexible.


11) What other activities do you engage for leisure?

I love Liverpool Football Club and always do my best to not miss any of the matches. I usually catch the matches with my anti-Liverpool Dad at home or with my group of Liverpool buddies at an official screening venue.


12) What do you think are good traits to have as a student and why? (i.e. hardworking, conscientious, determination, optimistic, etc)

With goals set, and with a conscious decision making habit, you control your destiny. You should always think about the consequences of any action that is taken – it can be good or bad. Never doubt yourself and never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. If someone as already told you that, your next short-term goal should be one to prove them wrong.


13) What do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I would see myself in a more senior role in my current company and would be starting the second year of my Master’s programme.