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Taking on Challenges with Confidence

Nursariza Abdul Samad

She sees herself as a risk-taker. An extrovert. And someone who loves challenges. No matter how tough life’s journey is, this is one iron lady who would constantly push herself to seek life-changing opportunities. Be inspired as Sariza shared how she kept herself motivated and why she chose PSB Academy to propel her further in life.

1. How do you stay inspired as a student?

I relish the thought of challenges. Being challenged empowers me, giving me the capability to improve on both my strengths and weaknesses. I make targets for myself. Big or small. And I live by this quote, “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it. Be stronger than your excuses.”

2. What made you further your studies with a private education institution (versus a local polytechnic or university)?

I was looking for an institution associated with well-known universities. An institution filled with opportunities. After doing much research, it was clear that I should enroll in PSB Academy.

3. In what ways has this course added value to your personal development and career opportunities? How has it built your character?

Graduating from this course has given me the opportunity to look beyond a nine-to-five job. Working with different people on projects and presentations has taught me that we cannot always please everyone. Sometimes we have to maximize and make the best out of what we have, even if it means going against the majority.

4. How would you describe your experience at PSB Academy?

It has been eye-opening. They say a private school is all about assignments and projects. I say, the student life here makes the school valuable. There are so many learning and experiential opportunities on the campus, sometimes I wish I could clone myself to attend the events.

5. What do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I see myself holding a prestigious position in a company.