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We were close as mother and son

Madam Harniwati Hussain & son Muhammad Azri Johari


“We were close as mother and son but journeying through this course made us even closer!” - Madam Harniwati Hussain & son Mr Muhammad Azri Johari, Graduated in 2014, Bachelor of Science Business Studies with HRM (Hons) (part-time) by Loughborough University, UK

Studied: Bachelor of Science Business Studies with Human Resource Management (Hons) (part-time) by Loughborough University

When Madam Harniwati responded to her company’s sponsorship programme to enrol in a part-time Degree, little did she expect that she would inspire her son Azri to do the same and become her classmate.

You are definitely an interesting duo in our pool of student advocates.

Azri (A): You mean the privilege of being classmates with your own mother right? Indeed, am sure my mom was surprised (hopefully pleasantly) when I shared with her my decision to also enrol in the same course as her.

Harniwati (H): I reckon to begin with, studying at my age is not common. But my company’s sponsorship programme for staff proved too good to be missed and I gave it a go!

Where are you working?

H: I am a Learning and Development Manager at International Enterprise Singapore, so this Degree programme has proven relevant and useful for my area of work.

A: I am a senior store keeper at Pratt & Whitney Canada. The course appealed to me as an alternative area I could dive into in the event I decide to change my career path in the near future.

What motivated you to undertake the course, since we already know the motivation behind your mother’s enrolment?

A: When I learnt that my mom was going to further her studies, it suddenly hit me that if she can do it at her age and with a full-time job, I could do it too. Maybe there was an underlying motivation that as classmates, we would be able to share the pressure of schoolwork and if I was lagging behind, I could consult my mom?

What would be the biggest takeaway from completing this course together?

H: I feel that this chapter of our lives has made us even closer and it is a chapter I share fondly with my son. After all it is not a regular occurrence that a mother can be her son’s classmate.

A: If not for my mom, I honestly don’t know if I would have furthered my studies at all, having been relatively comfortable in my work area. Guess she really inspired me to think beyond what I am doing now and challenge myself. The part-time studies alongside a full-time job had its challenges, including commuting from my workplace to school, re-orientating myself to manage the curriculum and exams. I can only say I am happy to have completed this course.