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You Can't Achieve Your Goals Without Trying

Su Myint Myint Myat


Alumnus, Class of 2016

Dean's List, Bachelor of Commerce (Finance)

University of Wollongong, Australia

Setting goals is an effective way give oneself a direction and objective in life. A need for direction is, after all, one of the innate needs of human beings. Often, it is not a cakewalk by any means, but it is not impossible if you have the determination and resolve to see it through.

Su was initially interested in pursuing a career in engineering but during her Certificate in English Proficiency (CEP) course, her presentations related to business piqued her interest. Su decided she would rather pursue a Diploma in Business Administration at PSB Academy instead, followed by a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) by the University of Wollongong, Australia (UOW). Su preferred the Australian exam system for its rigour and in-depth approach, and their use of continual assessments in the form of presentations and assignments.

Prior to taking her CEP, Su decided on studying abroad to gain exposure and independence. Singapore was a sound choice because the Private Education Institutions (PEIs) were well-known for its tight quality control and adherence to standards set by the government.

The exposure to people of different nationalities, and more self-confidence were amongst the many important takeaways she gained from school that were important for both her personal development and career. Through a rigorous and comprehensive course which gave her plenty of opportunities to hone her soft skills, Su could expand on her strengths and make them work to her advantage.

To Su, good results would beget good career opportunities, and drove her to perform well in school. Whilst studying abroad may not be the option for everyone because of extended periods away from home, one’s motivation may falter, Su found this as an opportunity to be independent, and challenged herself to graduate with distinction even when the going got tough. Through pure grit and determination, Su’s hard work paid off she made it to the Dean’s list.

Her advice to fellow students who are going through the same challenges are: to achieve a healthy balance of studies and social life. Challenges that you meet along the way are there to make you stronger, so always finish what you initially set out to do.

Today, Su is a Special Grade Clerk for OCBC in Yangon. She is responsible for preparing daily financial reports for submission to the Central Bank, the recording and keying in of financial processes, processing of invoices and taxes, as well as general support of financial functions of the bank.