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Adapt to shape your future

Warren Goh

Class of 2017

Master of Business Administration (Part-Time)

Nottingham University Business School, UK

In every task and project you attend to, you’d always want to use the best, and most efficient tools that fit the scope and complexity of the job.
Similarly, in order to remain productive and add value to an organisation you belong to, it is important to adapt and shape your skillsets in order to meet their needs and exceed expectations, even as you grow with experience.

As a seasoned chef sharpens his / her knife for the perfect meal, Warren Goh, too, is sharpening his skills through a post-graduate education.

Prior to joining the MBA course with Nottingham University, Warren held a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and had been in the manufacturing field for 17 years. He is currently working full-time in a multi-national company driving continuous improvement projects using the Lean Six-Sigma methodology to improve product performance.

Many years before that, when Warren first came out into the workforce, he was all set to take on the world. Even as he put in his best for his company, Warren couldn’t help but feel compelled by the need to study. Being too long in a field had become monotonous for him. As he was getting ready to move into a managerial role, it was imperative to in become adept at project management and people management. Eventually, Nottingham University became his choice due to its prestige, accreditation, graduate turnout, and a strong alumni network.

Since starting his MBA course about 2 years ago, Warren found that his student life has been spectacular and especially enriching due to the exposure to other students from different fields, who offer different perspectives on certain issues in business management. These exchanges have helped open up Warren’s perspective in his influencer role for the company, allowing him to become a better strategist.

In comparison to his engineering undergraduate course, the MBA course also covered more soft skills such as people management and developing strategies for companies in general, as opposed to honing technical skills. Warren felt that the modules are a good mix for preparation of students to take on greater tasks and key roles at work.

Warren believes that you have to be self-motivated in order to keep up and it is never too late to start. He thinks that the Nottingham University MBA course is perfect for students with a more technical background, as it adds another dimension of practical knowledge, analytical skills, and understanding to one’s technical expertise in the field. Interactions with excellent educators and fellow students from rich and diverse backgrounds, made his entire experience enriching and fulfilling.

Warren hopes that he will be able to take on sales & marketing roles in the future. These are areas he was previously not exposed to. Armed with his MBA and an aspiration for people management, he is confident to take on the new responsibilities and challenges that may come his way, by staying adaptable to changes with a more diversified skillset.