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Against the Odds

Eric Ly Thy Nguyen


Current Student of Bachelor in Biomedical Science

La Trobe University

Eric in the labSince Secondary School, Eric Ly had already made up his mind where he wanted to go. Despite his school already making preparations for him to progress for Polytechnic, he decided to take up ‘Additional Maths’ even after scoring 4As for his ‘N’ Levels, as that will help him gain entry into a Junior College. Eric did eventually went on to do exceptionally well for his ‘O’ Levels with 4As in the pocket which eventually gained him entry to Junior College (JC).

With a deep interest in science since secondary school, Eric’s passion for biomedical science and the healthcare industry really took flight in JC when he took up Biology and Chemistry. It was not before long when Eric graduated and he had to make the next step in his education pathway. After much research and deliberation, Eric chose to take up the Bachelor in Biomedical Science course offered by La Trobe University as it has always been his aspiration to be in the healthcare industry.

Eric Ly

With his matured interest in science, it did not take long for Eric to quickly pick up on the new things that were taught. His curiosity and thirst for knowledge increased exponentially with the help of the lecturers who piqued his interest for the modules they taught. The lecturers, above taking care of students academically, also gave student tips and advice on how to concentrate and remain calm – some of which has helped Eric greatly in his academic performance.

Lecturers also guided him and offered different viewpoints of looking at situations which gave Eric a better understanding and appreciation of the academic subjects. One of the most important skill he has picked up over the course of his study is his ability to articulate his opinions in a clear, concise, and professional manner. 

Today, although Eric is in the midst of completing his course, he is already contemplating to settle in one of the many career pathways that has opened to him due to his expertise and knowledge in the healthcare industry – either in medical or research, just as he did back in Secondary School. With that, Eric has this to share with current and prospective students: -

“With a set of specific, realistic goals, a person ought to seek out for guidance and persevere through the challenges to strive for his / her best. Never rest as there are new heights to conquer.”