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Chia Yew Seng


Business Development Director

Current Student of Executive Master of Business Administration, University of Hull

Chia Yew SengAs a business development director with over 18 years of work experience in a highly competitive and fast-paced marketplace, one would think that very little could faze Chia Yew Seng. This, however, could not be further from the truth as the 39-year-old came face to face with an academic assignment. Having had 16 years pass since submitting his last thesis at the University of Western Australia, Yew Seng found himself mystified by the first assignment that he received in the postgraduate programme that he was enrolled in. Quickly recalling the true motivation behind his pursuit of higher education, Yew Seng squared his shoulders and charged on ahead with his paper, donning the same thinking cap that landed him in a top management position in an electrical vehicle company.

Appointed as the person responsible for making strategic decisions on the company’s direction, Yew Seng was always motivated to propel the organisation to become a key player of the sustainable transport industry in Southeast Asia. As he identified key trends and analysed market behaviours, Yew Seng soon realised that the industry will only continue to evolve, and that it was of paramount importance for him to start viewing the business landscape with a different set of lenses should he wish to be the driving force behind further regional success of the business.

Eager to tackle the disruptive changes of the workplace, Yew Seng decided to enrol in the Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) programme offered by the University of Hull at PSB Academy. As a business leader who often has back-to-back meetings scheduled in his calendar, the part-time degree programme was a natural fit for Yew Seng as it offered flexibility in its curriculum. Additionally, being a course designed specifically for experienced working professionals, modules are tailored to equip undergraduates with skills that have measurable impact in the marketplace.

Since embarking on the EMBA programme a year ago, Yew Seng quickly witnessed first-hand the real-world applicability that his new-found knowledge had on his business operations. He shared that the research methodology module, in particular, was critical in aiding his understanding of new business ideas from a theoretical perspective. In addition, as a holistic programme that offers personal skill development opportunities, Yew Seng was also able to refine his business sense and confidence in areas such as formal writing, problem-solving and innovative thinking. The ability to directly translate classroom knowledge and life skills into actionable strategies at work was a clear reflection of the immediate benefits that Yew Seng yielded from the EMBA programme.

Currently in the final lap of his studies, Yew Seng shared that the biggest takeaway from his time at PSB Academy so far is the importance of life-long learning. He said, “There is no substitute for hard work. Your aptitude and attitude towards life is reflected in what you write, and in what you do.”. As Yew Seng works to continue increasing the presence of his company’s environmental friendly electric vehicle solutions, he sees himself someday taking his quest for higher education to the next level by pursuing a doctoral degree.