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From China to the Global Workforce

International CEP and Degree students from China


Liu Yilin (Sherry)Liu Yilin wins the OLSA 2017

Class of 2015

Bachelor of Commerce

The University of Newcastle, Australia

Student Council Member and Outstanding Student Leader Award Winner 2015 for ‘X-Trader’

With a background in Finance, it made sense for me to continue with a Bachelor of Commerce. As I am a detail oriented person, accounting was a suitable choice. During my course of study, I had the opportunity to be actively engaged in organising student activities as a Student Leader; including spearheading the Student Associate project “X-Trader” -  an investment workshop and competition. I picked up skills such as management and leadership skills on top academic knowledge. I learnt that a persuasive leader cannot rely on eloquence alone; it must be supplemented by practical action. I hope to see students make themselves at home in the study areas and Learning Resource Centre as it is a place where they can be nurtured.


Angela XuXu Xiaomei (Angela)

Bachelor of Commerce

The University of Newcastle, Australia: 

President of Chinese Student Association

PSB Academy inspires me to learn and stimulated my interest in accountancy due to the high-quality of the programme offered. I am also able to actively participate in various school activities, which helps broaden our perspectives through practical skills.  I also intend to start my career in auditing after graduation where I can apply the rich knowledge and soft skills that I am currently picking up at PSB Academy.




Dana Yang

Yang Xiaodan (Dana)

Certificate in English Proficiency Level 3

PSB Academy 

Apart from being proficient in English, my greatest takeaways from PSB Academy are skills in critical thinking and problem-solving. As I intend to be a PR consultant, it was imperative that I picked up these skills on top of technical knowledge before I enter the professional world.  Getting in touch with industry professionals also helped in giving us a better understanding of current best practices in their field. The combination of meeting professionals, and being part of activities organised by student bodies, made my student life interesting, and improved my social skills.




Jordan ZhuZhu Daiming (Jordan)

 Certificate in English Proficiency Level 4

PSB Academy

Studying overseas can be highly beneficial for students as we are able to learn about another country’s culture and make new friends while we complete the course we set out to do. Through the CEP programme, I am now more confident in communicating with foreigners. I have had a great student experience largely because the lecturers have been very helpful and patient in teaching us, which inspired us to be better students. As I aspire to be a professional in a large company, English is a powerful tool that can help me achieve my goals.




Huang YinziHuang Yinzi

Certificate in English Proficiency Level 2

PSB Academy 

Singapore is an ideal country to learn English especially for native Mandarin speakers as both languages are widely spoken here. The pressure of making mistakes here is relatively less compared to other English-speaking countries in the west. The educators here put in great effort to ensure that we learn as much as we can by engaging us even in group chats. Upon completion of this programme, I intend to take up an MBA course and I aspire to be in the Finance industry after I graduate. I hope that PSB Academy will continue to nurture quality graduates with their close adherence to the rigorous standards set by the Committee for Private Education.