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Only you can define your limits

Abdul Halim Bin Hidayat

Alumnus, Class of 2017

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Coventry University, UK

Top Graduate Award Winner

Q) What has been your driving force to achieve what you have today?

I have been a curious boy all my life. At Ngee Ann Polytechnic where the variety of CCAs, a flexible learning structure and peers from diverse backgrounds fed my sense of curiosity curiosity. However, those distractions affected my academic results—and that remains a deep regret that I continue correct.

I am a strong believer in the power of positive attitude. I believe that situations should not dampen our spirits or affect our ability to learn and acquire useful skills. Despite not doing particularly well for my diploma, I wanted to re-shape my life and start to give my all in everything that I undertake. This mentality pushed me to lose 40 kilograms of weight loss during my National Service, which in return, rewarded me with The Most Weight Loss Award.

I believe that being persistent in everything will mould your future. I enrolled myself in Coventry University, and my sense of curiosity and positive attitude helped me in scoring well for my examinations. Curiosity led me to raise questions for any doubts I had in class, ranging from minor to major concepts. It pushed me to sit in the front row of the class for better focus and forced me to study more than what is given to fully grasp the complexity of my subjects. A positive attitude ensured that my past failures fuelled my hunger and determination to do make things right. I believe that these two traits should be present in every student.

On a sentimental note, I am thankful for the support of my parents and family, who looked past my shortcomings in polytechnic, and supported my decision to pursue my Bachelor’s degree. They have been motivating me and are the driving force behind my success. I have been truly blessed and extremely thankful for their presence and influence in my life.


Q) Why did you choose PSB Academy to pursue your education?

PSBA is my choice because it is one of the few schools that has a technical lab. I believe that practical work is essential for any aspiring engineer to fully grasp complex theories and practices. Having a fully equipped FYP lab sealed the deal as it would have been much easier for any students to focus on their projects. I am equally impressed by the course advisors with regards to the modules and the grading/progress system.

Having said that, after 2 years, I realised that what PSBA has done right is by having the right lecturers. I recalled my very first lecture and I was so impressed with their knowledge and their willingness to share. The lecturers were willing to spend their time outside the classroom to respond to my questions. This attitude by the lecturers were greatly inspiring and I owe my achievements to them.


Q) What is something about you that you think has made your education journey different from others?

Many people feel that being a student is an escape from the realities and responsibilities of the working world. It should not be the case. Despite being a full-time student, I spent most of my weekday nights and weekend doing ad-hoc work with my company (Aim Fire Systems & Engineering Pte Ltd). This equipped me with hands-on skills with technical experience that’s necessary for any budding engineers.

The obligation to help others does not stop despite working and schooling. I have been passionately involved with Youth organisations in organising community events, spoken word events and debate competitions. I have also been a part of Ngee Ann Polytechnic Malay Debate Coaching Team and was partly responsible for their consistent performance in the national finals, despite being in school for 2 years, juggling work, school and other commitments.

My willingness to push myself beyond my limits, questioning everything along with excellent time management is the recipe for my success. I manage to keep my priorities in check. I believe that my ability to juggle commitments and performing well in all of them can continue to inspire others to believe in their own abilities.

On a social front, I feel that it is not only important to achieve personal success, but get satisfaction when you see your peers succeed too. It is important to help out your peers and not be shy to ask for help. We all can play a part by motivating and supporting others as well. I am truly thankful for having amazing peers that were always there to get me out of dire situations. It is important not to let your abilities get to your head.