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Take Charge of Your Life

Daniel Hadi


Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Mechanical Engineering

Coventry University

High school can be relentless and unforgiving for teenagers who are deemed “uncool” by their peers. As a teenager, Daniel was overweight. He was constantly made the butt of jokes and made to feel ostracised. Feeling disrespected and with no one to turn to, food was his only friend; thus, began the downward spiral of swings between depression and binge eating.

Before: Daniel (in yellow) with his family, and after: Daniel (far right) with his family

His father gave him a stern warning about the dangers of going down this path without the will to change. Hearing those words come from the lips of his own father, Daniel fell further into despair, but he had an epiphany – that although he has come to terms with the fact that people will joke about him for his weight, he will change his circumstances – not for anyone else’s sake but his own. He realised that in order for him to rise higher and be stronger, he had to fall and be hurt first. Determined, Daniel told himself, “I can do this.”

Daniel gradually made changes to his sedentary lifestyle – he grew watchful of his diet and developed a liking for physical activities. From a lazy and motivated boy, Daniel transformed into a fit and healthy person. He had always shown profound interest in mathematics and physics. As a child, Daniel has always been curious about how machines worked, and how he could modify it to make it work better. He carried that very same curiosity through to high school, and with a renewed attitude and confidence in himself, aspired to achieve great things. Eventually, he went on to do exceptionally well for his modules in his Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology at PSB Academy.

Thanks to his father who gave him an honest but necessary wake up call, and through the support of his friends, Daniel was able to further pursue his aspirations to be a fit, healthy, productive, and high-performing individual.

Despite his packed schedule of juggling school life with friends and fitness, he went against all odds by managing to lose a significant amount of weight and obtaining outstanding results in his studies.

He attributes his success with having the right mindset and attitude. To quote his brother Dennis, “Not everyone in your life will be positive towards you, but if you open your mind, all of them can transform you into a better person.”

The course in Diploma in Mechanical Engineering has helped Daniel to see the world in a more systematic way. Understanding the inner workings of machines and structures added a new dimension of perspective and appreciation for the elegance and ingenuity of human creativity. Knowing what his lecturers were able to achieve, Daniel now sees opportunities in designing and improving solutions around the world.

Today, at 19, Daniel is in the midst of obtaining a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Mechanical Engineering with Coventry University, and is slated to complete his course in July 2018. He aspires to be an excellent mechanic and find employment with a good position with a good company.