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Bachelor of Commerce

The University of Newcastle Australia

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Do you love crunching figures? Are you intrigued by the workings of the financial world? Do you wish to plug into this ever-growing industry?

The Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Accounting is your first step to becoming a fully qualified accountant. This programme embodies solid theoretical studies that are complemented with real-world applications. As accountancy is at the very heart of all organisations, you will find the programme offers enormous scope and opportunities.



Professional Accreditation

The Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) program provides the gateway for students to achieve an accredited undergraduate degree and then enter and undertake further studies with CPA Australia or Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia (ICAA) to attain CPA or ICAA status.

Career Opportunities

As a graduate of the programme, you will be equipped to take advantage of career opportunities in the following professions:

  • Chartered Accounting
  • Public Practice
  • Tax
  • Auditing
  • Public Sector Accounting
  • Not-for-profit Sector Accounting
  • Management


Programme Structure

Programme Duration

This programme can be completed within 24 months*.

*With approved exemptions of up to 12 modules from relevant qualifications.

For PSB Academy Diploma in Business Administration graduates:
This programme can be completed from 16 months.

Programme Structure

  • This programme consists of 24 modules
  • 3 trimesters in Year 1 and 2
  • 4 modules are taught in each semester/trimester by both University faculty and local lecturers

This is an accelerated programme which allows a typical 3-year programme to be completed in 2 years.


Trimester 1

(4 months)

Trimester 2

(4 months)

Trimester 3

(4 months)
1st Year 4 modules 4 modules 4 modules
2nd Year 4 modules 4 modules 4 modules


Students can opt to transfer and/ or complete their studies in Australia after a trimester completion. Student who transfers to Australia will be required to pay tuition fees applicable on-campus at the time of commencement at The University of Newcastle.


Assessment and Examination

Assessments may include assignments, tests, projects, and final examinations.

Programme Outline

This is an accelerated programme which allows a typical 3-year programme to be completed in 2 years.

Academic Year 1 & Year 2:

The University of Newcastle Australia Degree Programme

1st Trimester
  • Accounting for Decision Makers
  • Managing the Organisation
  • Microeconomics for Business Decisions
  • Business Decision Making
2nd Trimester
  • Accounting Practice
  • Information and Communication in Business
  • Foundations of Law
  • Principles of Marketing
3rd Trimester
  • Law of Business Organisations
  • Financial Accounting for Reporting Entities
  • Company Accounting
  • Management Accounting


Academic Year 2 & Year 3:

The University of Newcastle Australia Degree Programme

4th Trimester
  • Macroeconomics in the Global Economy
  • Finance
  • Business Strategy
  • Advanced Management Accounting
5th Trimester
  • Organisations, Politics and Society
  • Accounting Theory
  • Leadership and Entrepreneurship
  • Elective
6th Trimester
  • Issues in Financial Accounting
  • Taxation
  • Auditing and Assurance
  • Elective

Delivery of modules may not follow the sequence as shown and are subject to change.


Full-Time: January, May and August

Programme Details

Contact Hours

Full-Time: 1030 (average)

Maximum Candidature Period

Undergrad programme of 240 units: 8 years

Undergrad programme of 320 units: 10 years

Delivery Mode

Lectures, tutorials and project assignments will be conducted within PSB Academy campus.  

Some modules may be delivered by our university partners’ teaching staff in an intensive block mode.

Minimum Number of Students Before a Class Commences

Minimum 25 students are required before commencement of classes. 

Admission Criteria

Local Student Admission

Admission Requirements

The University of Newcastle, Australia Degree Programme

  • GCE A Levels (minimum 3 A- level passes including Mathematics, excluding General Paper) and meeting the minimum entry requirement of the programme; OR
  • Diploma from a local Polytechnic or other recognized institutions; OR
  • Completion of the Foundation of Business Studies from PSB Academy; OR
  • Higher NITEC; OR
  • Other Diploma or equivalent qualification would be assessed on a case by case basis

Applicants with Diplomas or Advanced Diplomas in related studies from polytechnics or other recognised institutions may be considered for advance standing into the Year 2 courses.

International Student Admission

Admission Requirements

For more information on international students' entry requirements, please click here.


Local Student

Programme Fees: S$1,615.70 (Per Module)

16 - 20 Months (16-20 Modules)

Eligible for:

  • Local Polytechnic Diploma (Business related)
  • Advanced Diploma(Business related)
  • Or equivalent




 24 Months Programme (24 Modules)

 Eligible for:

  • GCE A Level
  • Higher Nitec
  • Local Polytechnic Diploma
  • PEI Diploma(Non-Business related)
  • or equivalent


Singaporean/PR graduates of PSB Academy are entitled fee rebates for subsequent programmes. Please contact our Programme Consultant for more information.

* All fees inclusive of 7% GST and may be subject to change annually
* Programme fees exclude textbooks
* Click here to view other charges for students


Financial Aid / Available Grants

Please click here to view financial aid and available grants.

International Student

Programme Fees (International Admissions)



1st Installment


2nd Installment


3rd Installment


4th Installment


5th Installment


6th Installment


Total Fees



* All fees inclusive of 7% GST and may be subject to change annually
* Programme fee excludes textbooks
* Click here to view other charges for students

Local Applications

How to Apply

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International Applications

How to Apply

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