Our Learning Resources Centres are located at City Campus Level B and STEM Campus Level C. It has a collection of resources that serve the information and research needs of members.



8 October 2018

New Arrivals



A first course in digital communications.

by Nguyen, Ha H. Cambridge University Press, 2009.

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STEM Campus LRC 

Communication technology has become pervasive in the modern world, and ever more complex. Focusing on the most basic ideas, this carefully paced, logically structured textbook is packed with insights and illustrative examples, making this an ideal introduction to modern digital communication. Examples with step-by-step solutions help with the assimilation of theoretical ideas, and MATLAB exercises develop confidence in applying mathematical concepts to real-world problems. Right from the start the authors use the signal space approach to give students an intuitive feel for the modulation/demodulation process. After a review of signals and random processes, they describe core topics and techniques such as source coding, baseband transmission, modulation, and synchronization. The book closes with coverage of advanced topics such as trellis-coding, CMDA, and space-time codes to stimulate further study. This is an ideal textbook for anyone who wants to learn about modern digital communication.



Moran's Principles of engineering thermodynamics. Global edition. SI version.

by Moran, Michael J. et al. 9th edition. John Wiley & Sons Singapore Pte Ltd, 2017. 

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STEM Campus LRC 

Moran’s Principles of Engineering Thermodynamics, SI Version, continues to offer a comprehensive and rigorous treatment of classical thermodynamics, while retaining an engineering perspective.  With concise, applications-oriented discussion of topics and self-test problems, this book encourages students to monitor their own learning. This classic text provides a solid foundation for subsequent studies in fields such as fluid mechanics, heat transfer and statistical thermodynamics, and prepares students to effectively apply thermodynamics in the practice of engineering. This edition is revised with additional examples and end-of-chapter problems to increase student comprehension.




by Birt, Jacqueline. et al. 6th edition. John Wiley & Sons Australia, 2017.

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City Campus LRC 

This is the latest offering from Jacqueline Birt, a Senior Lecturer at the University of Queensland and market-leading Accounting author. This resource is most suitable for introductory accounting units that have a focus on financial decision making in business rather than the preparation of financial reports. It is also highly suited to first-year units in accounting in business degrees, MBA introductory accounting units and accounting service units.



International human resource management.

by Dowling, Peter J. 7th edition. Cengage Learning, 2017. 

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City Campus LRC 

Now in its seventh edition, International Human Resource Management is established as a market leader that caters to students worldwide. This textbook has developed alongside the field – helping to shape what it is today – and remains a leading International Human Resources Management (IHRM) textbook worldwide. International Human Resource Management provides an academic overview of global IHRM, whilst still remaining close to curriculum developments. This textbook also contains nine in-depth case studies written by the authors and global experts, that provide a range of in-depth applications for all of the major functional areas of IHRM.



Leadership : research findings, practice, and skills.

by DuBrin, Andrew J. 8th edition. Cengage Learning, 2016. 

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City Campus LRC 

The eighth edition of LEADERSHIP helps you understand leadership principles and hone your own leadership skills through a thoughtful balance of essential theory and real-world applications. The text provides a strong practical foundation by introducing leaders you can relate to and reinforcing your knowledge with frequent skill-building activities. Key updates include new opening vignettes and end-of-chapter cases, numerous additional skill-building exercises, and new research findings presented in each chapter. In addition, LEADERSHIP is available with MindTap for the first time. A fully online learning solution, MindTap combines all of a student's learning tools?interactive self-assessments, readings, multimedia, activities, and assessments?into a singular Learning Path that guides the student through the curriculum.



Operations and supply chain management. International edition.

by Jacobs, F. Robert. 15th edition. McGraw-Hill, 2018. 

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City Campus LRC 

Resourceful companies today must successfully manage the entire supply flow, from the sources of the firm, through the value-added processes of the firm, and on to the customers of the firm. The fifteenth edition of Operations and Supply Chain Management provides well-balanced coverage of managing people and applying sophisticated technology to operations and supply chain management.Connect is the only integrated learning system that empowers students by continuously adapting to deliver precisely what they need, when they need it, and how they need it, so that your class time is more engaging and effective.



26 September 2018

Transferring of BENVOHs collection to City Campus LRC


Dear students,

Due to most of the BENVOHs classes being scheduled at City Campus, we are in the midst of transferring some of our BENVOHs collection from STEM Campus LRC to City Campus LRC to accommodate students' needs. Therefore, some of the books in this collection are now unavailable in the meantime. Our BENVOHs collection will be available on the City Campus LRC shelves by 1 October 2018.

We apologise for the inconvenience.


5 September 2018

Coventry University e-resources available to all partner students!

A new free service 'LibGuide' has been rolled out to Coventry University students. Once you click through the link it will explain what library resources are available to students studying for a Coventry University degree. There will also be hints and tips on how to navigate their way around these library resources on how best to use for their studies.

Find Out More


1 September 2018

New LRC Operating Hours as of 1 September 2018


Dear students,

To standardise the operating hours of the Learning Resources Centre at both campuses, effective 1 September 2018, the operating hours of the City and STEM Campus Learning Resources Centre (LRC) will be as follows:



Operating Hours

Monday to Friday

9am to 8pm


9am to 2pm

Sunday and Public Holiday



31 August 2018

New Arrivals


Reframing Organizations : Artistry, Choice and Leadership

by Bolman and Deal. 6th edition. Jossey-Bass, 2017.

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City Campus LRC


Reframing Organizations
provides time-tested guidance for more effective organizational leadership. Rooted in decades of social science research across multiple disciplines, Bolman and Deal's four-frame model has continued to evolve since its conception over 25 years ago; this new sixth edition has been updated to include coverage of cross-sector collaboration, generational differences, virtual environments, globalization, sustainability, and communication across cultures. These recent revisions reflect the intersection of reader recommendations and the current leadership environment, resulting in a renewed practicality and even greater alignment with everyday application. Combining the latest research from organizational theory, organizational behavior, psychology, sociology, political science and more, the model detailed here provides real guidance for real leaders.



Economics for Business

by Begg and Ward. 5th edition. McGraw-Hill, 2016.

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City Campus LRC


Economics for Business 5th edition
is an essential introduction to economics tailor-made for business students. Economic principles are clearly explained within the context of modern business, drawing on a wealth of contemporary examples that bring the topics to life.



Thinking Through Communication : An Introduction To The Study Of Human Communication

by Sarah Trenholm. Routledge, 2018.

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City Campus LRC


Now in its eighth edition, Thinking Through Communication provides a balanced introduction to the fundamental theories and principles of communication. It explores communication in a variety of contexts―from interpersonal to group to mass media ― and can be used in both theory and skills-based courses. With a dynamic approach, Trenholm helps students to develop a better understanding of communication as a field of study, as well as its practical applications. This edition devotes attention to how new technologies are changing the ways we think about communication, with revised chapters on both traditional and social media.


9 July 2018

Termination of Multi Plug Loan

Please note with effect from 9 July 2018, we will terminate the loan of multi plugs to members at both City Campus and STEM Campus.




To search for available titles of the Learning Resources Centre collection, users can use the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)


The Learning Resources Centre is subscribed to E-Book titles from the following vendors:

School of Life and Physical Sciences

School of Business and Management

School of Engineering and Technology


Learning Resources Centre Workshops

Learning Resources Centre workshops will be digitized from year 2018 onwards. Workshops are accessible online on Moodle via electronic devices. Students are no longer required to register or attend in a classroom setting.

Who can access?
All students. For students without a Moodle account, please log in as a guest.

What are the available resources?
Online recorded workshops via Go-To-Training (GTT), workshop slides and materials.

How to access?
Click Here to view the user guide.

Learning Resources Centre Workshop Topics and Key Benefits


Key Benefits

Be Heard : Presentation Techniques for the Classroom and Beyond
  • Act of public speaking
  • Create professionally looking slides
  • How to answer questions at the right point of time
Effective Note Taking : Get the Most Out of Your Lectures
  • Improve ability in active notes taking
  • Make clear concise notes through effective reading
  • Allow students to understand the subject of study more efficiently
Express Yourself : Essential Report and Essay Skills
  • Appreciate and understand importance of writing a good essay and report
  • Highlight the fundamental difference between an essay and a report
  • Provide basic knowledge in writing essay and report
Gateway : Maximize Your Learning Resources Centre
  • Getting to know Learning Resources Centre services and facilities
  • Access the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) and E-Books
  • Copyright Act

Get Motivated : Study Motivation and Time Management Skills

  • Spur up the study motivation in students
  • To have a good time management skills and avoid last minute submission
  • Be well-equipped and confident in submitting their coursework on time

Moodle : A Useful Study Tool

  • Accessing and fully utilizing the posted course materials
  • Conversing with classmates and lecturers through the platform
  • Handling of assessments via Moodle

Source It : How to Master Effective Referencing Skills

  • Introduction to the different styles of referencing
  • Demonstration of proper in-text and end-of text referencing



Students will automatically be members of the Learning Resources Centre once they are enrolled into the programme until the end of the course. A PSB Academy Student Card will be issued and this can be used for loan of Learning Resources Centre materials.

Loan Privileges


Loan Limit




14 days

Short-Term Loan

(3 Days)


3 days



Two (2) renewals allowed per book, subject to non-reservation of item by another member. Renewal request can only be done one (1) week prior to the due date either personally at the counter during Learning Resources Centre’s opening hours or via email to the following address: LearningRC@psb-academy.edu.sg

Quote your NRIC No. and full name as in your NRIC. in your email. NO RENEWALS via the phone is allowed. The loan period for renewed book is 7 days.


Reservation can be placed for lending materials already on loan. Each member is allowed to make a maximum of two (2) reservations. Book reservation can be done in person at the Learning Resources Centre counter or via email.

Members will be notified once the materials are ready for collection. The reserved items will be kept for 5 working days after which the reservation will lapse, and the items will be shelved. Members must come personally to collect the reserved items.


Loan items may be recalled. Members should return the recalled item(s) within 7 working days from the day of notification failing which borrowing privileges will be suspended. Continuation of existing loan privileges will be subject to member’s response on the recalled item(s).


Members should return borrowed materials:

  • via Book Drop next to the Learning Resources Centre entrance. The Learning Resources Centre does not accept any claims for books returned via the book drop.
  • At the Learning Resources Centre counter (for overdue items).

Overdue Fines

Members will need to pay fines in full before the next transaction. Loan privileges will be suspended till all fines are paid in full. Payment of fines can be done at the Learning Resources Centre counter during the Learning Resources Centre’s operating hours.


Overdue Fines


S$0.60 per day per item after the due date

(maximum fines of S$50.00 per item)

Short-Term Loan

(3 Days)

S$1.00 per day per item after the due date

(maximum fines of S$50.00 per item)

Payment of Lost Items

Members will need to pay for lost items. *The fines chargeable will be from:

  • Due date to the date when the item is reported lost; or
  • Due date to the date the item is returned (if it is subsequently found).


Payment of Lost Items


Fines* + S$25.00 per item (book) + cost of book


Other Services

  • Use of computer facilities 

Loan Rules

  1. Members need to report mutilated books before borrowing.

  2. Members are responsible for all loans charged to their accounts and materials must be returned in good condition.

  3. Returned items, which are mutilated or damaged, would have to be paid by the borrower.

  4. Members will need to pay for Learning Resources Centre fines on overdue loans, replacement and administrative fee of lost or damaged items.

  5. Members need to settle Learning Resources Centre fines in full before the next loan transaction.

  6. Learning Resources Centre privileges will be suspended till all fines are settled in full.

  7. Members should update the Learning Resources Centre immediately for any change of personal particulars.

  8. Loan of multiple copies of a book with same title, author and edition is not allowed.

Learning Resources Centre Rules

  1. Members must produce their PSB Academy Student Card when using the Learning Resources Centre’s facilities and services, or when requested by the Learning Resources Centre Staff.

  2. The PSB Academy Student Card card is non-transferable.

  3. Mutilation and theft of Learning Resources Centre materials are offences and punishable by law. Appropriate action will be taken against such offenders. Disciplinary action may also be taken to student members and staff found committing such offence.

  4. Consumption of Food and Drink, other than bottled mineral water is NOT ALLOWED in the Learning Resources Centre.

  5. There shall be NO SMOKING in the Learning Resources Centre. Appropriate action will be taken against offenders.

  6. No playing of games eg. Cards, board games, etc in the Learning Resources Centre.

  7. Loud conversation or other disturbance is forbidden in the Learning Resources Centre.

  8. Mobile phones should be switched to vibration mode whenever in the Learning Resources Centre. Members are to answer the phone outside the Learning Resources Centre.

  9. Learning Resources Centre Staff has the right to ask any person to leave the Learning Resources Centre if he/she does not comply with the PSB Academy Learning Resources Centre Rules and Regulations.

  10. Learning Resources Centre staff has the right to ask members to show all books and personal belongings at the exit if deemed required.

  11. The Learning Resources Centre will not be held responsible for any loss of personal belongings. Learning Resources Centre staff has the right to remove any item or personal belongings left in the Learning Resources Centre premises if deemed necessary.

  12. All outstanding fines and overdue items must be paid or returned to the Learning Resources Centre by the stipulated date.

  13. Overdue notice(s) sent by Learning Resources Centre only act as a reminder to members on the overdue items.

  14. Members will still need to pay the Learning Resources Centre fines for non-receipt of overdue notice(s) sent.

  15. The Academy reserves the right to amend or change the Learning Resources Centre Rules and Regulations and conditions of membership, without prior notice or explanation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I am a PSB Academy student. How do I loan materials from the Learning Resources Centre?

    Present your PSB Academy Student card to the Librarian on duty at the Learning Resources Centre counter.

  2. If I am a visitor, am I allowed to use the Learning Resources Centre?

    No. The PSB Academy Learning Resources Centre is for members only.

  3. How do I search for available titles of the Learning Resources Centre collection?

    OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)

  4. How many books am I entitled to borrow at any one time?

    Three (3) books in total.

  5. What is the loan duration of Learning Resources Centre books?




    14 days

    Short-Term Loan

    (3 Days)

    3 days


  6. How do I return books when the Learning Resources Centre is closed?

    Return books via Book drop.

  7. How do I renew my loans?

    Renewal request can only be done one (1) week prior to the due date either in-person at the counter during Learning Resources Centre opening hours or via email: LearningRC@psb-academy.edu.sg Two (2) renewals are allowed per book, subject to non-reservation of items by another member.

  8. If I have not returned overdue items can I still borrow books from the Learning Resources Centre?

    No. Learning Resources Centre privileges will be suspended until overdue items are returned and all fines are paid in full.

  9. Can I reserve a book which is out on loan?

    Yes. A maximum of two (2) reservations are allowed per member. Book reservation can be done in-person at the Learning Resources Centre counter or via email.

  10. How do I know when the reserved item is ready for collection?

    Members will be notified via email.